It wasn’t really like this from the start. Before I went into photography, I was working in the corporate world. I held a high position in a BPO company and I can say I was really having fun with what I was doing. At that moment, I really thought that I have already found my career and that I’m going to spend the rest of my life in that position. I never aspired to go higher. I was already satisfied with my work. Up until I learned photography.

I did not like photography right away. It doesn’t mean to say that I dislike it. The only reason that I did not pick up photography first was because I was only focused on getting shot, not the other way around. I got immersed in photography when my friend introduced me some basics on how to handle the camera. She needed an assistant right away and she thought of me. I was hesitant at first as I might only do more damage to her work more than help her. She was adamant about it and believed I could do it. And besides, she was going to teach me the basics. Little do I know that I will be finding my one true love of my life – photography.

The next day, my friend taught me the basics of how to take photos like her style. Of course, this is her professional work. I need to make sure that it is according to the standards that she has set for her business. But being the curious person that I am, I searched for guidelines on how to take my photography to the next level. I still stick to the style that my friend taught me, but when I take my own pictures, I use the ones that I learned from her combined with my ideas and the lessons/tutorials that I’ve learned from my self-study.

It was getting an exciting and passing day that I learned from her that I couldn’t wait to do photography on my own. Once her project was done, I spent half of my life savings on the equipment and my own DSLR that I can take anywhere with me. Being the beginner that I am, I settled with the lens kit that came with the purchase of the camera, plus other accessories that are recommended for beginners. Those times were really fun as I went to various places, taking pictures and posting them online. I never really thought about doing business with photography. All I had thought that time was that I was enjoying pictures and sharing them freely online. But when I was offered a job to take pictures for a wedding, it was during that time I got challenged, excited, nervous, scared and many other feelings that you can never imagine that’s happening. I was battling whether I should accept the offer or not, since I know very well that it is not my main profession. I was merely a high ranking employee of a BPO company. I never had any ambition in making it as my main profession. But that first job offer with wedding photography pushed me to leave my day job and pursue a career in photography.

It was with wedding photography that I finally fell in love with my camera and the job I do. I was no longer a slave to time, rushing to work early in the morning just so I could have a good and clean record. This time, I get to decide what I should or should not do with my day. While my work at the BPO is satisfying, it did not give me the kind of joy and enjoyment that I have with photography.

Leaving my day job wasn’t easy. It was at the point that whether what I was doing is the right thing to do or not. I took the leap of faith – I just dropped everything and decided to go full time.

Through my experience for over 8 years, I learned so many things not only about photography but also how I handle my business. I have fellow photographers and another team that came and work with me. It is for this reason that I created this company. I don’t hold myself as the best photographer in my team, even if they are carrying the name of my brand. It is because of this reason that I let my fellow team post their views, tips, and tutorials on how they do their own style of photography.