Why We Do Photography Blogging

Did you know that you can get more successful when you blog about your photography? It is because of this reason that I and my team have decided to put up a blog page for them to share their insights and experiences from their work or their free time, whenever they find themselves picking up their camera and capturing random shots.

Experts advise that it is best that you blog about your photography, especially when you are in this kind of business and you own a business in this kind of industry. If you want to learn how to make your blogging exceptional and successful, you have to keep it in mind that photography blogging is critical and that you need to make most of your time for it.

The reason for photography blogging

Everyone knows that photography is considered as a service, not to mention a personal one, too. Your clients give you permission to be in their lives and that they entrust you with it. The more you offer them the reason to feel comfortable being with you and even hiring you, the better it will be for your career.

The perfect tool for convincing your potential clients is by blogging. It will provide you the chance in showing who you really are, why you are doing photography and what kind of value you can provide to your prospective clients. It will give them a look of what motivates you and how you deal with your clients. Every blog post you make is converted to information to them, which they will use in deciding whether they are going to hire you or not.

Most of all, they get to see your latest work, too! When you are still starting on your photography blogging, you will be showing your improvements in the years that you have started your photography business. Others invest their time in opening up a portfolio site, but they tend to get stagnant over time, not to mention they get neglected by photographers for updates. With blogs, it ensures the prospective clients that they are seeing your most recent, not to mention the best photos that you have taken. It will also ensure them that they get familiar with your current style in taking photos, which usually have the tendency in changing and evolving.

Blogs are also safer when it comes to SEO compared to portfolio sites. The reason is because they get updates all the time, not to mention they get the tastiest content that attracts Google and other major search engines. If you frequently update your blog site and even maintain it well, its ranks will absolutely go up!

Another advantage of photography blogging is that it is a great way for the clients to share the photos of the ones you took of them. People are fond of seeing photos of their own, especially when it is posted on the photographer’s blog. They get to share it easily with their friends and family through social networks.