Collaborating with other Professional Photographers

Our team has had an opportunity or two to collaborate with fellow photographers, especially the ones that they highly respect with. We are asked a lot of questions from fellow photographers that are still starting in this kind of business on what to expect from collaborating with other photographers.

If you plan to work or collaborate with other photographers, here are some tips on how you can get to work with them.

Create photos together

In different degrees, each of us is protective of our own work, especially with photography. We place watermarks on it. We even make use of the image search of Google to make sure that our photos are not borrowed. We even check from time to time that the photographer we see down the road is not emulating the style or brand that we use. But when you think and reflect about it, we as photographers should understand that there is so little in the photography world that is either new or fresh. When you realize this, you will be able to detach yourself a bit from work and get to open your minds to the possibility of collaborating on the production of photos.

Assisting another photographer

If you own your own photography business, you will notice a lot of perks that comes along with it. However, when you work for someone it doesn’t automatically mean that you have devalued yourself or setting your position to a lower one. There is a different meaning when it comes to working for someone, and being a photographer that is highly likely going to happen in your career. By assisting another photographer, not only will you get to learn new techniques, you even get the opportunity in giving back something to the photographic community. Possessing the right attitude, photographers with much experience can even prove to the world that it can be amazing to be working assistants, especially when providing aid to their comrades.

Posing for another photographer

Who says you can’t be a model for another photographer? There is no need to be good looking in order to be qualified as a model for someone else. Posing for your fellow photographers is not only helpful for the shooter, but also for yourself. Being with the collaborator, you get to find new techniques along the way and even test them on site, like tweaking with the lights and poses. What’s more, photographers are mostly patient models, because they know what it is like working in the photography business.

Constructive criticism

Fellow photographers, especially those that have close relationships with from every moment they get to meet with each other, usually share their work and provide critique to it. Doing so will give you more realizations on what kind of improvements that you need to make. Also, you will be providing your own opinion regarding the work of your fellow photographers. It is up to your fellow photographers whether or not they are going to take your advice, but better make sure that you are fair to them, too. Deliver your critique at a professional level.