Basics of Photography

If you are a total beginner of photography, you need to understand how the camera works first. There are so many digital cameras available in the market today, thus figuring out its specifications and the options to use will convert to what you are going to use every day. They can get complicated, too. So for starters, you need to learn how they work and should make sense to you on what it means when you read the terms of picking a camera to purchase and how your choice will affect the photos you are going to shoot.

Camera parts

The camera is made up of different parts, but there are a number of parts that you want to look and understand better since they are far more important than the rest.

  • Lens – this is considered as the eye of the camera and also considered the most complex instrument you will find in the unit. There are various lenses available in the market and each of them provides different features, too. It is important that you know what these features are and how they differ from each other. You will learn more about these features when you take advance lessons in photography.
  • Body – this is the house of the camera. It is what is protecting the innards of the camera from getting wet and malfunction during operation. It is also the one keeping its shape and at the same time easier for the user to hold on to. While it has little to do with shooting pictures, the comfort and ease of use are what you should consider for this.
  • Sensor – this is the digital version of the film. It means that it is exposed to the light that comes in via the lens and at the same time records the exposure. This exposure is then processed and then saved onto the flash memory, which is generally a Compact Flash or SD card. The size and caliber of the sensor are to be considered very carefully, as these things are very significant in the impact on the photo quality.
  • Flash card – in today‚Äôs cameras wherein almost all of its models are digital, it makes use of a storage referred to as the flash card. This is where all the pictures taken are stored. It is a component that most people do not think so much about when they buy their own camera, aside from choosing the capacity that the photographer needs. There are also write and read speeds that you need to consider, too. Slow reading and writing cards can degrade the performance of your camera. There are different card classes, which also means that you need to consider the minimum speed that is suited to your needs and purposes for the camera.
  • Battery – of course, this is another most important component of the camera. While the battery is quite a simple component to understanding amongst all of the above, you have to consider the kind of battery that you should possess, too. This refers to the actual life that the battery can provide.